Servicing and inspections

To help save you money, preventative maintenance is best. 

We have a strong background in servicing and inspecting, and see this as an important part of our job. Regular servicing and maitenance is essential to ensure your heating system is working at optimum efficiency and will also help to cut your energy bills and prolong the lifespan of your boiler and central heating.

All boilers and central heating systems are important investments. Their functionality is essential for the success of every business and the comfort of every home, and if you leave them until they break, they can have an unnecessarily detrimental impact on year-round running costs. So rather than waiting until an appliance becomes dangerous, it is always best to pay for repairs as soon as any issue develops, rather than leaving it to chance.

Staying ahead of any problems will also help you to save money and avoid the often hefty sums associated with the sudden outlay of  having to buy a completely new heating system.

With our annual gas appliance, pipe and boiler inspection and service, our experienced team of Gas Safe-certified engineers will perform a healthcheck of your heating system.

  • We carry an extensive range of tools and parts with us, and can carry out many boiler repairs and maintenance tasks in a single visit
  • If we discover any defects, we will inform you straight away, fully diagnose the problem and present you with a range of options to repair or replace the affected parts
  • Once a repair is underway, we will not leave your property until we are entirely happy that the job is complete and that the issue has been fully fixed
  • We also offer flexible working hours. so in case it is difficult to arrange a healthcheck during the day, we can also visit out of hours if required

To make sure your boiler and central heating system is operating efficiently and safely, contact us to book your safety inspection today.