Commercial Boiler Replacement for a Factory

We were asked to quote for a new replacement boiler for Feller UK, a factory unit in North Shields, as their existing boiler was extremely old and had proved problematic for them during the winter.

Upon inspection, it became clear that installing a new light commercial boiler to replace their old one was going to be a considerably expensive option, so we were happy to work with them to determine a more financially viable solution.

Luckily, after calculating the actual heat demand required within the factory, it became clear that the old boiler was oversized for the factory’s needs. Having calculated the actual heat requirements of the building, our engineer explained that significant cost savings would be made by installing two domestic boilers in its place – each providing 75% of their total heat requirements of the building.

This solution was not only more cost effective, but in the event of any breakdown, one boiler would be able to sustain a comfortable temperature within the building until a repair could be carried out to the other – meaning that the building would always be well-provisioned.

By opting for this efficient solution, the customer also benefited from enhanced warranty protection. Commercial boilers predominantly only have a two-year manufacturers’ warranty, yet the two domestic boilers that we fitted each came with a seven-year parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer, making them far better equipped for the future.